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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

About Us

In these perilous economic times, being faced with debt out of control is enough to inspire terror in the bravest consumer. Financial pundits will go on forever about how to manage your investments in economic hard times but little, if anything, is said about managing debt. We’re here to help.

Many life events can drive you from managing your debts and paying your bills on time to unable to make the dollar stretch far enough. Most of these events are out of your control. It is within your control to take action to get the situation under control. The problem is most people really don’t know where to look or how to evaluate the situation.

Usually the first thought is to mortgage your home again or consolidate debt into one loan. Those seem like logical and responsible moves to make but, are they? Is taking on even more debt short term pain for a long term gain or is it the beginning of the descent into even a deeper hole? You need an experienced eye to advise you on that. We’re here to help.

Credit Support Services and it’s CEO Bill Lutton were the first into the market specializing in debtor representation. We’re here to look at your situation based on our knowledge and expertise — to advise you what your options are in order to take control of your debt before it starts to control you.

We are not here with the first priority to try to loan you money, or put a mortgage on your home, regardless of the consequences for you, like lending institutions. Our first priority is to evaluate your situation and advise you what your options are (there could be several open to you). If a mortgage or loan will benefit you, we can help you to get into what you need without getting gouged.

We’re also not here to take you into bankruptcy like Trustees in Bankruptcy are. (Do you know that Trustees are required to represent your creditors?)

We’re here to look out for your best interests and help you protect your assets.

Visit often to see what we’re posting about. Explore the website and if your questions or concerns aren’t addressed, complete our form for a free evaluation. (We’re an Ontario, Canada based firm)